ADA Build-A-Box™

Customized modular systems now available for direct purchase.

With Build-a-Box, you can now order ADA panels directly from Atronix for whatever project you have in mind. ADA can be used for any electrical control application from material handling to manufacturing.

We customize the panel sets to your exact specification, and ADA is flexible enough to change with you as your needs change.


Sample ADA Build-a-Box configuration for a conveyor control application (approximately $10K).

  • 18 motor driven rollers

  • Six 3-phase motors (3 of them driven by Variable Frequency Drives)

  • 48 flexible inputs or outputs

  • 16 motion or safety outputs that will not function while the system is E-stopped

  • One E-stop PB using the patented E-stop system (more are optional)

  • An I/O and safety enclosure (touch-safe for ease of troubleshooting)

  • I/O protocols include Profi bus-DP, CANopen, Modbus-TCP, Ethernet/IP, Profinet and Ethercat, with additional options of Sercos and Powerlink

  • Two motor starter enclosures (more are optional) mounted to your conveyors with anti-vibration pads to prevent small shocks from loosening wires and control cards

Benefits of ADA Build-a-Box 

  • Available directly from Atronix

  • No proprietary hardware

  • CAD drawing templates included

  • Compact design saves space

  • Simple and fast installation and reinstallation 

  • Easy to adapt as your needs change

  • Designed for low maintenance

  • UL listed

  • SIL 2 capable with SIL 3 as an option

Is ADA Build-a-Box right for you?

Find out with a free phone consult. To schedule yours call 770.840.4045 or email